Quand la réalité se teinte de tes rêves… Ou l’inverse..? La vidéo Bleib de mon album “intrication” est en ligne… Et comme à chaque fois, c’est un petit pincement au niveau du cortex émotionnel qui m’a accéléré le coeur juste avant d’aciver le bouton “public”.. Voilà, c’est fait. ❤ je vous aime « An emotion […]

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When Fate Rejoined Me 17 Years Later

En ouverture des Shériff (par Mathieu Gosselin)

Live before Les Shériff, 17 years later…

In 1998, I was supposed to play a few dates with Les Ordures Ioniques and Les Shériff, but the French punk rockers stopped the band and the shows were cancelled. Last summer, 17 years later, I’ve done exactly that: share a stage with these two same bands! (Plus Live Ground and The Horny Bitches).

11880376_475296552637715_3008539377587649901_nLes Shériff, a more than three decades old formation sometimes called «The French Ramones» (Well, they even opened for the Ramones in 1992 in Pau, actually!). One of the most intense performers I’ve seen… and some of the guys are in their mid-fifties! Hey, I’ll turn 40 this year and I search for my breath after each show I do…


11923599_475294402637930_7830769819050785962_nLes Ordures Ioniques, punk combo from the Quebec province. I had a big hug with V8 (the singer) because the two of us felt it was a crazy twist of fate!


11887989_475293779304659_6422011672044366007_nThe Horny Bitches, one of the most rapidly growing punk band from Montreal, Canada. An all-girls rocking machine including Virginie «Virgin Slut» Grégoire in their ranks (a quite active show booker inviting bands to perform in Canada and organizing tours for Canadian groups in Europe and other places).


11880354_475060765994627_3104298542571281042_nOur punk colleagues (and pre-shows bowling game friends!) from Live Ground were also there.


Note: all photos by Mathieu Gosselin

That’s the Iggy I like


Photo by Elena Olivo/Brooklyn Museum.

Recently, Iggy Pop posed naked for 21 artists, aged from 18 to 80, in a nude drawing class for a project spearheaded by the Brooklyn Museum and conceptual artist Jeremy Deller.

Iggy is more than your standard punk guy, but a man that walks down different avenues instead of the same old tunnels like so many of his contemporaries. I like that.

By the way, do you know about the «Six Degrees of Separation Theory»? Fun fact is I’m pretty closely related to Iggy Pop, if playing by this theory. Here it goes:

I met and played a show on the same stage as Schultz from Parabellum, he played together with the French singer Demi Mondaine (plus after Schultz died, I exchanged a few short messages with Béatrice Demi Mondaine) and Iggy gave her, exclusively, one of his old The Stooges unreleased song (from 1969) named «Private Parts» for her to record and sing live.

So, I realized that I’m only three degrees apart from Iggy Pop! Or well, even two, since, sadly, Schultz is not there anymore.

Maybe I could try to get his phone number? Hey! I play punk and I like to be naked too! Maybe we could get along just fine, haha. I’m kidding, of course. 😉

Here’s a photo with the beautiful Bea & Iggy, plus the cover art for Private Parts:


My Daughter Simone; 8 Years Old Today

Live Derrière Le Chateau LandryMy daughter Simone, photographed by Gen, her mother. I love it so much when she joins us live, let herself go wild and freely dance around voodoo-style!

(Fun summer 2015 outdoor show in the parking lot of Le Château Landry in Mont-Joli, in front of a very lively crowd aged from 1 to 90… and maybe more! There were even a few grandmas asking us our autograph after our set, haha, that was quite crazy!

Vincent Terreur

10437326_304350909732281_3098075595126364410_nVincent, son of Carl, our drummer, photographed by Mathieu Gosselin in 2014. This child possess something quite unique, I can’t explain in words what it is exactly; a high sense of what theatre is all about, maybe. Zombie, monster, mad man, anything dark, he’ll play with ease. He sometimes goes on stage with us and was there last night. It’s always a highlight in our shows; he jumps on stage and, bang, something wild happens.

Parabellum Live à Rimouski en 2014

10455696_304530323047673_684422856691270898_nParabellum Live à Rimouski en 2014 par Mathieu Gosselin. Nous jouerons une de tes pièces ce soir, Schultz (Les Hommes Torpilles). Rest in punk/peace. Love.

Parabellum Live in Rimouski in 2014 by Mathieu Gosselin. We’ll play one of your song tonight, Schultz (Les Hommes Torpilles). Rest in punk/peace. Love.